Laurie Beauchamp – An artist in detail

laurieLaurie Beauchamp is has recently released her new book Teacup Treasures. It’s an adorable collection of fuzzy little (and not so little) creatures hanging out in teacups. She also has a beautiful book, Dazzling Dragons with an incredible array of dragons both large and small rendered in incredible detail for our coloring pleasure.

Laurie is a bakery manager, and spends 48 hours at work per week. In her spare time she decorates wedding cakes. On top of this, she draws and paints commissioned murals in children’s rooms. I am in absolute awe at her ability to fit in drawing let alone create such beautiful and detailed images with such a crazy schedule.

weddingcakeLaurie has three cats, Bellybutton, Loki and Porkchop, who she draws with. They keep her company when she’s drawing through, not when she’s decorating cakes… They love icing and can’t be trusted.


What do you like to do when you’re not drawing?

finalbellybutton2I live in Michigan in the USA. In the summer months I like to swim and garden. I love to draw my flowers and birds and bugs. Lots of nature in my yard. So I’ll look at a flower and let my imagination take over when I draw. I draw when I am at home to relax. It’s very relaxing to me.

How did you get involved with Global Doodle Gems?finalloki

I belong to a few pen and ink groups. Maria Wedel seen my drawings and asked me if I would like to be part of Global Doodle Gems. I agreed. At first I altered the way I drew to adapt for the coloring books but it just wasn’t me, so I put the details back into my drawings and I was happier going back to my style of drawing.

What has been your favourite coloring book project? Dazzling-Dragons was my favorite project with Global Doodle Gems. It took me a long time to complete that book because of all the details that went into the drawings. On an average each drawing took anywhere from 25 to 40 hrs to complete. I would start drawing when I came home from work and I would sometimes draw all day on my days off. Once the pen gets on my hand it’s like I’m in a zone, a world of my own. Because there are so many details in my drawings I need to take lots of breaks to give my eyes a rest.

What’s coming up next for you?

book-of-handsI’ve started a new book of hands for my next project.

Thank you so much for sharing some of what you do. We have loved learning about your creative process and your incredibly crazy busy schedule. We are looking forward to seeing your new book. And thank you so much for sharing this beautiful preview (can I share the preview you sent me with a watermark?), as well as one from Dazzling dragons with us (you can find this on our facebook page).finalporkchop

You can see more of Laurie’s work in the Global Doodle Gems volume 3 and 6, Halloween volume 1 and 3, the Valentines volume 1, Christmas volume 1 and the upcoming volumes 15 and flower fairies.

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