Welcome to Color in Daily

Hi there,

and welcome to Color in Daily.

I am a convert to Coloring in, but I never liked it as a child. I was heavily influenced by my father who believed it stifled creativity. However, with the growth in its popularity, I decided to give it another go.

I love it. Trying new colors, new media, and new techniques. I am not a patient colorer, or artist for that matter, but I enjoy having something that I have contributed to as a finished product within a short space of time.

I also really enjoy when I HAVE to share my coloring books with my five year old daughter, it’s something we can do together.

While originally sceptical of its meditative benefits, I have come to understand that it is an excellent tool to facilitate an inner calm. I have used it as a stress buster, as an energiser, artistic inspiration, as a meditation tool, as a study tool, and to increase productivity.

It’s such a versatile self help tool, I’m surprised that everyone’s not doing it.

These are just some of the things that I would like to discuss and explore with you on the blog.

Looking forward to meeting you, and seeing your coloring in.