Gulliver’s new Travels – video and review

The lovely James Gulliver Hancock granted permission for me to post a flick through of his gorgeous coloring book “Gulliver’s new travels“.

I picked it up at the new bookstore that just opened up in our shopping mall. It’s so lovely being able to browse through a book before buying, and I think that that is almost a dying trend with the rise of online stores. Not that I’m knocking the online store. I love being able to get everything I want in one place and delivered to my door!

On to the book:

Gulliver’s new travels has a variety of different style of images, from two page spreads to individual smaller images that have lots of white space.

They are very detailed, with lots of tricky little patterns and images put together to create an intricate world. James plays on both his famous name and his own love of travel to explore both iconic landmarks taking the colorer to HongKong, Sydney and New York and culturally identifiable items combined with the fantasy element of tiny figures and the giant Gulliver.

While there is a lot of detail in all of his images, there is also lots of space for creativity and self expression. James has presented a beautiful start to a travel journal that can be creatively completed by the colorer.

I recommend that you read the introduction. As colorers, I acknowledge that often the two or three pages of introduction are just a distraction from the “good stuff”. I freely admit that I rarely read them myself. But Mr Hancock presents a beautiful history and context to his drawings that I found myself immersed in.

The only thing that didn’t grab me, and it’s really a matter of personal taste is on some of the pages that had more space for personal expression, there was some instructions given. I personally prefer to be able to decide to draw my own or not, and not have the text interfere with the final image. It’s very small though, you hardly see it and honestly, I feel like a bit of a whinger even mentioning it!

Gulliver’s new Travels is a beautiful book, and it’s definitely worth putting on your  wish list!

You can see more of James’ work here

You can buy Gulliver’s new Travels and other work by James here:

USA: Here on Amazon

UK: Here on Amazon

Australia: Here on Booktopia 

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