New Releases – October 24 – 30

Oh this is a gorgeous week for new releases! I was hard pressed to choose only three…. But I’m sticking to my guns and this is what our picks are for the last full week of October.

First of all I was tempted by the David Bowie Retrospective, however on closer inspection it seems a little disappointing. It feels like a bit of a play on the whole creepiness of his music and art right now when it’s so close to Halloween. So by all means if you’re a fan and you just have to have every Bowie piece of paraphernalia you can get your hands on, go ahead… otherwise, there are some much more exciting books newly available this week (in my opinion).
The one who started it all Johanna Basford is releasing her BEAUTIFUL Christmas book in October. Johanna’s Christmas: A Festive Coloring Book for Adults is a total must have for Basford fans, and will give you enough time to color and display her work for the festive season.

This beautiful offering My Wondrous World: Enchanted Winter Adult Coloring Book is a lovely look at the cold, snow covered fields, sweet wintery mandalas and patterns and enchanting forest creatures. It has also been recommended to me by one of our readers, the lovely Stephanie V who has all four of this artist’s books. It has a pseudo Christmassy feel to it, but that’s fine with me.. I’m on the countdown to the holidays!

And this one is just lovely. There’s nothing particularly exciting or innovative, it’s just beautiful images that you can color easily for a pretty special outcome. Check out National Geographic Magnificent Animals: An Adult Coloring Book

What’s on your wish list this week/ month/ year?


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New releases – September 5-11

These are our picks for this week

This book, Relaxing Mandalas Adult Coloring Book With Bonus Relaxation Music CD Included: Color With Music, speaks to me. I have found that coloring is addictive, frustrating at times, creative and satisfying when you finish a page, but overall, I don’t find it meditative in itself. I love the idea that the mandalas in this book are accompanied by a CD to help you focus and relax.

Vive Le Color! Christmas – so it’s a bit early for Christmas coloring, unless you’re going to use your pages creatively. This book has detachable pages, making it the perfect choice to DIY Christmas cards, homemade wrapping paper on that tiny perfect gift, or the giving the Christmas table the personal touch, laminated as placemats.

I must admit that roosters are one of my favourite feathery friends to color. They have such personality. This new release, Country Life, called to me with the bold easy to color pictures and friendly subject matter, and of course the adorable feathery show off on the front cover!

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New Releases – August 29 to September 4

This book, Botanicals is a lovely collection focusing on the diversity of the plant world.



This new release is a bit cool, Mind Melt: Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound. Although I imagine you’d have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy. It’s one of those ones you might do instead of a soduko, rather than one you’d do in front of the TV. Just something a bit different.

Cats and coloring, it kind of just goes together right? Unless of course your furry feline friend goes on a feeding frenzy with your prismacolors (talking from experience here). Notwithstanding, The Cat Coloring Book: Creative Calm for Cat Lovers, one of this week’s new releases and one of our choices for a feature, is an adorable and quirky look at our fuzzy little buddies.

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New Releases – August 22 -28

This book, In a Japanese Garden Coloring Book, is a beautiful display of Japanese culture, art and history. Each design is accompanied by the original masterpiece which it has been inspired by, giving you a frame of reference and some written context for the gorgeous coloring page.

And if you’re feeling particularly Japanese this week, the other new release we’re featuring is Meditations on Tea: A Coloring Book to Soothe the Soul. What a gorgeous book, and a beautiful way to celebrate such a soothing pastime of drinking tea, as well as exploring the Japanese cultural context of tea ceremonies and their surroundings. It’s the cure for what ails you.


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New Releases – August 15 – 21


This week there are some pretty cool new releases which is great for whoever wins the choose your own prize with an Amazon gift voucher (closes on Tuesday 16th and drawn + announced on Thursday 18th August).

Daria Song is releasing her new book The Night Voyage: A Magical Adventure and Coloring Book, this week. It looks just as adorable as The Time Garden, which has been very popular.

Steampunk Animals Coloring Book is very cool. It’s detailed enough to be quite an easy color, but has enough variation for the more advanced colorer to go to town, plus it’s a pretty quirky subject which always interests me.


 The Creative Haven Floral Inspirations Coloring Book is lovely. It has some very intricate designs though so if you’re more about laying down lots of color quickly, this one may not be for you. However if you’ve got a GREAT pencil case and some gorgeous fine pens that you like to color with, check this one out.


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New releases – August 8 – 14

This week’s new releases in the adult coloring world have some awesome offerings.

It goes without saying that Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition and Coloring Book for Adults has to be in this week’s edition of new releases. To be honest, I imagine almost everyone who is a coloring aficionado already knew that it was coming. But just in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, this is the next new big one you’ll see in all the stores! If it’s anything like her other offerings (and I can’t imagine she’d stray too far from such a successful formula), it will be detailed, intricate and beautiful, with a variety of page layouts to delight most colorers.

Steve McDonald has released some of his amazing images in poster format. I love the fact that it’s all ready for display, and it’s big, so you can share if you’re so inclined. Fantastic Cities: Coloring Poster Set is a really lovely idea.

And finally, this slightly (no, make that VERY) quirky 642 things to color. This is a truly wacky book with what seems like a completely random selection of objects to color. Most of them are individual items making the perfect adult coloring book for the busy person. You could almost just leave it on the kitchen bench and have a quick scribble while having a cup of tea. It’s different and quirky, and I like it!


This page contains affiliate links to help fund competitions (and my coloring addiction)