Laurie Beauchamp – An artist in detail

laurieLaurie Beauchamp is has recently released her new book Teacup Treasures. It’s an adorable collection of fuzzy little (and not so little) creatures hanging out in teacups. She also has a beautiful book, Dazzling Dragons with an incredible array of dragons both large and small rendered in incredible detail for our coloring pleasure.

Laurie is a bakery manager, and spends 48 hours at work per week. In her spare time she decorates wedding cakes. On top of this, she draws and paints commissioned murals in children’s rooms. I am in absolute awe at her ability to fit in drawing let alone create such beautiful and detailed images with such a crazy schedule.

weddingcakeLaurie has three cats, Bellybutton, Loki and Porkchop, who she draws with. They keep her company when she’s drawing through, not when she’s decorating cakes… They love icing and can’t be trusted.


What do you like to do when you’re not drawing?

finalbellybutton2I live in Michigan in the USA. In the summer months I like to swim and garden. I love to draw my flowers and birds and bugs. Lots of nature in my yard. So I’ll look at a flower and let my imagination take over when I draw. I draw when I am at home to relax. It’s very relaxing to me.

How did you get involved with Global Doodle Gems?finalloki

I belong to a few pen and ink groups. Maria Wedel seen my drawings and asked me if I would like to be part of Global Doodle Gems. I agreed. At first I altered the way I drew to adapt for the coloring books but it just wasn’t me, so I put the details back into my drawings and I was happier going back to my style of drawing.

What has been your favourite coloring book project? Dazzling-Dragons was my favorite project with Global Doodle Gems. It took me a long time to complete that book because of all the details that went into the drawings. On an average each drawing took anywhere from 25 to 40 hrs to complete. I would start drawing when I came home from work and I would sometimes draw all day on my days off. Once the pen gets on my hand it’s like I’m in a zone, a world of my own. Because there are so many details in my drawings I need to take lots of breaks to give my eyes a rest.

What’s coming up next for you?

book-of-handsI’ve started a new book of hands for my next project.

Thank you so much for sharing some of what you do. We have loved learning about your creative process and your incredibly crazy busy schedule. We are looking forward to seeing your new book. And thank you so much for sharing this beautiful preview (can I share the preview you sent me with a watermark?), as well as one from Dazzling dragons with us (you can find this on our facebook page).finalporkchop

You can see more of Laurie’s work in the Global Doodle Gems volume 3 and 6, Halloween volume 1 and 3, the Valentines volume 1, Christmas volume 1 and the upcoming volumes 15 and flower fairies.

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Carol Mayer – An Artist in Nature

carolwithcatCarol is a Canadian coloring book and page artist who lives in the country with her husband, five cats and her husband’s dog. Her environment is a clear and direct influence on her work, being surrounded by an incredible array of natural wonders, fauna, flora and fossil related. Most of her work includes animals, both of the wild and domestic variety.



When she’s not drawing, Carol can be found gardening, fishing, hunting and rock hounding (I had to look that one up – finding an collecting fossils or geologically interesting rocks). Living in Northern Alberta, the four to six months of the year when things are covered in snow, make their spectacular greenhouse where she starts her flowers and vegetables, and her straw bale house a welcome and essential haven.

We asked Carol to share some of the details of her coloring journey and inspiration.

When did you start drawing?

I began to draw horses at about 5 years old – they were awful of course! I always painted a bit, and then last year my daughter-in-law sent me a link to someone’s zentangles, and the rest as they say is history. I put some on my Etsy store, Canadian Art Beats and they began to sell. Out of the blue a publisher from the States (Castle Publishing) and Eyfalia/ Quadratwasser Publishing contacted me to do coloring books about dogs. I found Global Doodle Gems, asked to join and Maria graciously accepted me. It is a home for me! I have submitted work for every volume that I possibly can.

Where do you draw (and with who, if anyone)?carolsgarden

My studio is a love seat shared with my kitties. We live in a straw bale house and I’d love to have a ‘proper’ studio. Someday hopefully!

Do you prefer coloring or drawing?

I don’t color at all well so I’m so very glad there are fantastic colorists with Global Doodle Gems who bring life to my drawings. My next book ‘Sit, Stay, Color’ will be colored and shared by video when it’s released.

What’s next in drawing for you?

shared-with-permission-ofI have many more ideas for books and will get back to work on my Etsy store which has been neglected while I worked on the books. I have an individual book of animals coming out soon, and another of Alpha Cats almost done. This one was inspired by my cat Juno who has a very long tail that makes the perfect letter P, S, C and J.


You can see Carol’s beautiful work on her Etsy store, Canadian Art Beats, inpolarbear the Global Doodle Gems Halloween and Christmas collation. Her two new individual books “Sit, Stay, Color” and “Alpha-cats” featuring cats and dogs will be published by GDG and available soon. We’ll keep you updated when it comes out.

You can connect to her facebook page here

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Lynn Excell – An artist in community

I first became aware of Lynn’s Excell’s work through her contribution to the Global Doodle Gems group collaboration coloring books. I reached out to her through my blog and her incredibly detailed answers to my interview questionslynn today reveal an artist with a huge range of interests and a commitment to sharing her love of art with family, friends and strangers alike.

Lynn lives in rural Essex in the South East of England with her two adult sons, her two Guinea pigs, Apple and Cinnamon, her two cats, Crumble and Custard, and her dog Beatrice.

One of Lynn's pets, Custard the catLynn went to art college but didn’t complete her studies, and has only returned to it in the last few years. She enjoys a huge range of arts and crafts including pastels, painting, crocheting, embroidering, photography and colouring with a wide range of mediums especially her favourites, Faber Castell Polychromos. She has a voracious appetite for learning diverse (and sometimes obscure) art and craft skills including basket weaving and wig making.


Lynn’s love of people, community and art makes her the perfect fit for the Idea’s Hub. Her involvement in this remarkable place has led to setting up a coloring club, joining a local art society, participating in a nationwide art project, and being commissioned to create an artwork for the ideas festival to be completed by the local community.

Lynn Excell's collaboration with her son

We asked Lynn some questions about her life and her art to get to know a little bit about what makes this inspiring, connected, community spirited artist tick.




How and when did you start drawing?

As I suspect with many artists, I starting drawing at a very young age-I love drawing fashion designs and my dream was to become a designer. As a child, my paternal Grandmother was very arty and would help me make pictures of lovely lady’s dresses with the coloured wrappers from sweets. My life journey has taken me a few twists and turns, but I’ve finally come back to the thing I love.

How did you get involved with the collaborative project, Global Doodle Gems?

I asked Maria if I could advertise my etsy shop lynniexDoodles in her Global Doodle Gems group and she asked if I would be interested in becoming one of thelynnie_etsy-image artists for the collaboration. Her idea was so unique, I had to get involved. The idea of being amongst other artists from around the world with different styles and ideas was such an incredible one, and I have absolutely never every regretted it. I have made new friends that I have never met in real life from the other side of the world, and been so inspired by them. We have a unique relationship, our lovely collaboration, and I’m am so, so grateful to Maria for making it happen.

What inspires you when you’re drawing?artjournalcanva

My inspirations come from everywhere. But if I have a theme, I have to try to think/research into the background of the theme-it’s not enough to me to draw the obvious, even though that may be the most commercially obvious thing to do. A LOT of my time is taking up in researching and deciding on how something should ‘sit’ on a page. If I didn’t put so much effort in and just ‘churned’ out drawings, it would no longer hold interest for me. Art and craft are part of me and the way I relax-I can’t imagine a day of not doing something along those lines.

Where do you draw?

I usually draw whilst on the sofa at home, but often get stopped by my dog (who is still a puppy!) or my cats, so I do have an art/craft section of my living room with a lovely big curved desk and a wall of shelving to hold all my things. The desk is big enough for me to have my drawing things, my laptop and my new large screen monitor, to use with my wacom tablet to ‘clean up’ my images. I prefer to draw alone-I become so immersed in my drawing that I wouldn’t be able to do it with others. I keep promising myself that I will one day take my drawing board and pencils to my local wood as being amongst the trees would be my choice for a perfect, calming studio.

What’s next in drawing for you?

punkrockercanvaNext in drawing for me is to finish my designs for my individual book. I am working on a book of the colourful characters I knew ‘back in the day’ when I hung around with a group of mainly punks. They have very kindly given me permission to use images of them back then to base my designs on. I’m hoping to promote it particularly to my local area, but it will have appeal to all.

I also have an on-going project of a reading book (don’t we all?!) and I’ve started forming the ideas behind it. It is about a very adventurous steampunk ferret called Montgomery Silk, and I will be doing the illustrations for it too.

Alongside that, I will be doing designs for Global Doodle Gems and I’m sure to be involved in some more community type events, as well as taking part in some art exhibitions.

Thank you so much for sharing some of your work, ideas and projects with us. We hope you’ll keep us updated on your novel and your exhibitions so we can share.

You can see more of Lynn’s work in her Global Doodle Gem books, both collaborations and individual.

She will be hosting a session at the Chelmsford Ideas festival on October 24th 2016. You can book tickets and see what other great events they have on their website.

You can see her individual pages for sale on her etsy shop LynniexDoodles and can follow her on her facebook page.


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Three minutes with Paula Pertile – The Knitting Sampler

We were lucky enough to have Paula Pertile who drew the knitting sampler agree to interview with us. She works as a busy freelance illustrator and has a lot of different projects on the go. She came up with the idea of drawing knitting on her own and has been having fun turning it into another facet of her illustration business.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not drawing or coloring?nail-art

I enjoy knitting, cooking or taking care of my cats. I have six cats, Saachi, Charlie, Phyllo, Willow, Ben, and Tracy. All boys. All ages, from 17 down to 3. They keep me busy! As for the cooking, actually I like baking best: cookies, pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate torte cakes, and stuff like that.

What inspires you to draw?

I’ve drawn and colored since I was a kid, it just came naturally to me. I’m inspired by food a lot, and knitting of course, and sometimes a costume and patterns.

What is your favourite medium to color with and why?

color-pencil-drawing-shared-with-permission-of-the-artist-paula-pertileI love colored pencils the best. They allow for so much control and you can layer up colors to get the effect you want with no messy paint!


What are you working on for your next project?

I’m working on the next knitting coloring book with mostly fair isle patterns in gray scale, and although it’s way behind schedule, I am hoping to have it done soon, for holiday gift giving!

paula-pertilePaula’s first knitting coloring book – the knitting sampler is available from amazon. She also has a lot of beautiful individual downloads available through her etsy shop. If you have or are interested in Debbie Macomber’s Come Home to Color, you can see two of Paula’s BEAUTIFUL pages featured. You can see (and order) her custom work on her website. And if you’re a cat lover, you HAVE to check out her upstairs/ downstairs tabbies.


Thanks so much Paula for sharing a little bit about yourself. We’ll make sure to keep an eye out for your new book and announce when it’s available.

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Gulliver’s new Travels – video and review

The lovely James Gulliver Hancock granted permission for me to post a flick through of his gorgeous coloring book “Gulliver’s new travels“.

I picked it up at the new bookstore that just opened up in our shopping mall. It’s so lovely being able to browse through a book before buying, and I think that that is almost a dying trend with the rise of online stores. Not that I’m knocking the online store. I love being able to get everything I want in one place and delivered to my door!

On to the book:

Gulliver’s new travels has a variety of different style of images, from two page spreads to individual smaller images that have lots of white space.

They are very detailed, with lots of tricky little patterns and images put together to create an intricate world. James plays on both his famous name and his own love of travel to explore both iconic landmarks taking the colorer to HongKong, Sydney and New York and culturally identifiable items combined with the fantasy element of tiny figures and the giant Gulliver.

While there is a lot of detail in all of his images, there is also lots of space for creativity and self expression. James has presented a beautiful start to a travel journal that can be creatively completed by the colorer.

I recommend that you read the introduction. As colorers, I acknowledge that often the two or three pages of introduction are just a distraction from the “good stuff”. I freely admit that I rarely read them myself. But Mr Hancock presents a beautiful history and context to his drawings that I found myself immersed in.

The only thing that didn’t grab me, and it’s really a matter of personal taste is on some of the pages that had more space for personal expression, there was some instructions given. I personally prefer to be able to decide to draw my own or not, and not have the text interfere with the final image. It’s very small though, you hardly see it and honestly, I feel like a bit of a whinger even mentioning it!

Gulliver’s new Travels is a beautiful book, and it’s definitely worth putting on your  wish list!

You can see more of James’ work here

You can buy Gulliver’s new Travels and other work by James here:

USA: Here on Amazon

UK: Here on Amazon

Australia: Here on Booktopia 

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Coloring book categories

I think I might be onto something…

People often seem to have a favorite type of coloring book, style or topic. If you’re searching through the internet or in a bookshop, you often find the best books by accident. But what if you could find a list of coloring books about the other passion in your life, be it cats, mermaids or classic cars?

I have decided I’m going to slowly build a list of books into categories to make it easy for me (and others I hope) to find books that suit their interests.

Here is the link to the  CATAGORIES LIST – remember it’s a work in progress

Post something on our facebook page if you would like yours, or one of your favorite books included.

I’m starting with knitting (as they were the books that sparked the idea) but will slowly add more each day till we have a whole bunch.


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Coloring in for teenagers

Are you, or do you have a teenager who’s interested in coloring?

Check out these free coloring pages for teenagers that might spark your interest.

If you are really getting into it and want to buy some slightly more obscure coloring books (not just flowers and animals and all that mum stuff) have a look at these options.

There are a number of funky steampunk inspired coloring books like this one available. These have great images with a good combination of fine detailed patterns and pictures.



Following the popular tv show Game of thones? This one is available later from the 27th October.


Want a slightly less insipid and slightly more scary Halloween coloring book? Try out this one by Penny Farthing Graphics.



Whatever you choose, coloring as a teenager, or an adult, is a great way to slow down and disengage from the highly addictive screen time that we’re all tyring to escape.

Screen inspired coloring books

There are only ten weeks to Christmas. When you say it like that it seems scarily close. Between now and then there are some very cool screen related books being released. Most of which will be featuring on my Christmas list.

Two of my favourite tv shows, Game of Thrones, Outlander both have coloring books being released this month on October 27th.

November 10th will see a harry Potter coloring book released


Tolkein fans will be pleased with two unofficial Tolkien coloring book on November 12th and December 15th.


What books are you putting on your Christmas list?


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To celebrate the launch of our blog, we are starting up a weekly Wednesday giveaway. This week one lucky reader will receive this gorgeous book by Millie Marotta. The prize will be drawn on Wednesday 21st October.

Tropical World: A coloring book adventure


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