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carolwithcatCarol is a Canadian coloring book and page artist who lives in the country with her husband, five cats and her husband’s dog. Her environment is a clear and direct influence on her work, being surrounded by an incredible array of natural wonders, fauna, flora and fossil related. Most of her work includes animals, both of the wild and domestic variety.



When she’s not drawing, Carol can be found gardening, fishing, hunting and rock hounding (I had to look that one up – finding an collecting fossils or geologically interesting rocks). Living in Northern Alberta, the four to six months of the year when things are covered in snow, make their spectacular greenhouse where she starts her flowers and vegetables, and her straw bale house a welcome and essential haven.

We asked Carol to share some of the details of her coloring journey and inspiration.

When did you start drawing?

I began to draw horses at about 5 years old – they were awful of course! I always painted a bit, and then last year my daughter-in-law sent me a link to someone’s zentangles, and the rest as they say is history. I put some on my Etsy store, Canadian Art Beats and they began to sell. Out of the blue a publisher from the States (Castle Publishing) and Eyfalia/ Quadratwasser Publishing contacted me to do coloring books about dogs. I found Global Doodle Gems, asked to join and Maria graciously accepted me. It is a home for me! I have submitted work for every volume that I possibly can.

Where do you draw (and with who, if anyone)?carolsgarden

My studio is a love seat shared with my kitties. We live in a straw bale house and I’d love to have a ‘proper’ studio. Someday hopefully!

Do you prefer coloring or drawing?

I don’t color at all well so I’m so very glad there are fantastic colorists with Global Doodle Gems who bring life to my drawings. My next book ‘Sit, Stay, Color’ will be colored and shared by video when it’s released.

What’s next in drawing for you?

shared-with-permission-ofI have many more ideas for books and will get back to work on my Etsy store which has been neglected while I worked on the books. I have an individual book of animals coming out soon, and another of Alpha Cats almost done. This one was inspired by my cat Juno who has a very long tail that makes the perfect letter P, S, C and J.


You can see Carol’s beautiful work on her Etsy store, Canadian Art Beats, inpolarbear the Global Doodle Gems Halloween and Christmas collation. Her two new individual books “Sit, Stay, Color” and “Alpha-cats” featuring cats and dogs will be published by GDG and available soon. We’ll keep you updated when it comes out.

You can connect to her facebook page here

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