New Releases – August 29 to September 4

This book, Botanicals is a lovely collection focusing on the diversity of the plant world.



This new release is a bit cool, Mind Melt: Extreme Art Mazes to Color and Confound. Although I imagine you’d have to be in the right frame of mind to enjoy. It’s one of those ones you might do instead of a soduko, rather than one you’d do in front of the TV. Just something a bit different.

Cats and coloring, it kind of just goes together right? Unless of course your furry feline friend goes on a feeding frenzy with your prismacolors (talking from experience here). Notwithstanding, The Cat Coloring Book: Creative Calm for Cat Lovers, one of this week’s new releases and one of our choices for a feature, is an adorable and quirky look at our fuzzy little buddies.

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New Releases – August 22 -28

This book, In a Japanese Garden Coloring Book, is a beautiful display of Japanese culture, art and history. Each design is accompanied by the original masterpiece which it has been inspired by, giving you a frame of reference and some written context for the gorgeous coloring page.

And if you’re feeling particularly Japanese this week, the other new release we’re featuring is Meditations on Tea: A Coloring Book to Soothe the Soul. What a gorgeous book, and a beautiful way to celebrate such a soothing pastime of drinking tea, as well as exploring the Japanese cultural context of tea ceremonies and their surroundings. It’s the cure for what ails you.


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Gulliver’s new Travels – video and review

The lovely James Gulliver Hancock granted permission for me to post a flick through of his gorgeous coloring book “Gulliver’s new travels“.

I picked it up at the new bookstore that just opened up in our shopping mall. It’s so lovely being able to browse through a book before buying, and I think that that is almost a dying trend with the rise of online stores. Not that I’m knocking the online store. I love being able to get everything I want in one place and delivered to my door!

On to the book:

Gulliver’s new travels has a variety of different style of images, from two page spreads to individual smaller images that have lots of white space.

They are very detailed, with lots of tricky little patterns and images put together to create an intricate world. James plays on both his famous name and his own love of travel to explore both iconic landmarks taking the colorer to HongKong, Sydney and New York and culturally identifiable items combined with the fantasy element of tiny figures and the giant Gulliver.

While there is a lot of detail in all of his images, there is also lots of space for creativity and self expression. James has presented a beautiful start to a travel journal that can be creatively completed by the colorer.

I recommend that you read the introduction. As colorers, I acknowledge that often the two or three pages of introduction are just a distraction from the “good stuff”. I freely admit that I rarely read them myself. But Mr Hancock presents a beautiful history and context to his drawings that I found myself immersed in.

The only thing that didn’t grab me, and it’s really a matter of personal taste is on some of the pages that had more space for personal expression, there was some instructions given. I personally prefer to be able to decide to draw my own or not, and not have the text interfere with the final image. It’s very small though, you hardly see it and honestly, I feel like a bit of a whinger even mentioning it!

Gulliver’s new Travels is a beautiful book, and it’s definitely worth putting on your  wish list!

You can see more of James’ work here

You can buy Gulliver’s new Travels and other work by James here:

USA: Here on Amazon

UK: Here on Amazon

Australia: Here on Booktopia 

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New Releases – August 15 – 21


This week there are some pretty cool new releases which is great for whoever wins the choose your own prize with an Amazon gift voucher (closes on Tuesday 16th and drawn + announced on Thursday 18th August).

Daria Song is releasing her new book The Night Voyage: A Magical Adventure and Coloring Book, this week. It looks just as adorable as The Time Garden, which has been very popular.

Steampunk Animals Coloring Book is very cool. It’s detailed enough to be quite an easy color, but has enough variation for the more advanced colorer to go to town, plus it’s a pretty quirky subject which always interests me.


 The Creative Haven Floral Inspirations Coloring Book is lovely. It has some very intricate designs though so if you’re more about laying down lots of color quickly, this one may not be for you. However if you’ve got a GREAT pencil case and some gorgeous fine pens that you like to color with, check this one out.


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Quick sale – prismacolors

Just saw these on amazon in case anyone is in the market for a new set.

(not sure how long they’re at this price for, it might be ages, or it might be really quick, so I thought I’d mention it as soon as I saw it)

Thought the price was pretty good for 132 prismacolors ($70).



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Coloring book categories

I think I might be onto something…

People often seem to have a favorite type of coloring book, style or topic. If you’re searching through the internet or in a bookshop, you often find the best books by accident. But what if you could find a list of coloring books about the other passion in your life, be it cats, mermaids or classic cars?

I have decided I’m going to slowly build a list of books into categories to make it easy for me (and others I hope) to find books that suit their interests.

Here is the link to the  CATAGORIES LIST – remember it’s a work in progress

Post something on our facebook page if you would like yours, or one of your favorite books included.

I’m starting with knitting (as they were the books that sparked the idea) but will slowly add more each day till we have a whole bunch.


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New releases – August 8 – 14

This week’s new releases in the adult coloring world have some awesome offerings.

It goes without saying that Johanna Basford’s Magical Jungle: An Inky Expedition and Coloring Book for Adults has to be in this week’s edition of new releases. To be honest, I imagine almost everyone who is a coloring aficionado already knew that it was coming. But just in case you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, this is the next new big one you’ll see in all the stores! If it’s anything like her other offerings (and I can’t imagine she’d stray too far from such a successful formula), it will be detailed, intricate and beautiful, with a variety of page layouts to delight most colorers.

Steve McDonald has released some of his amazing images in poster format. I love the fact that it’s all ready for display, and it’s big, so you can share if you’re so inclined. Fantastic Cities: Coloring Poster Set is a really lovely idea.

And finally, this slightly (no, make that VERY) quirky 642 things to color. This is a truly wacky book with what seems like a completely random selection of objects to color. Most of them are individual items making the perfect adult coloring book for the busy person. You could almost just leave it on the kitchen bench and have a quick scribble while having a cup of tea. It’s different and quirky, and I like it!


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Quick sale – Derwent Intense color blocks

Just a really quick post to mention that these guys (Derwent inktense color blocks) are on sale today. Not sure when it’s going to end, but I don’t think the sale is a very long one.

They can be used to produce some of the most gorgeous artwork! Check out these examples on Pinterest


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Is coloring really making you mindful?

While many adult coloring books carry the title of coloring for mindfulness, and many colorists state that their reasons for coloring are to become more mindful, without conscious effort, you may not be doing it right.

Mindfulness has a very specific definition. One must be deliberately conscious of the present moment, be focussed on the thought process’ running through your mind, let go of the past and future, and be aware without passing judgement. When done sucesessfully, it can help with stress relief, concentration and relaxation, among other things.

Here are a couple of things you can do to help you use your adult coloring book as a tool for achieving mindfulness:

  1. Get your things ready before you start. If you can, sit in a quiet place where you wont be disturbed. Pens, pencils, pages and books should all be ready before you start a session.
  2. keyBe in the moment. If you’re using coloring to de-stress, you are likely having some issues to stress about. When you are coloring for mindfulness, you need to leave those things behind. Sometimes a physical act can help with this. For example choose a small item like a coin or a key and put it away in a cupboard. You can take it (along with your worries) back as soon as you are finished, but while you’re coloring for mindfulness that coin will stay put where you have hidden it.
  3.  Don’t judge. It doesn’t matter what the end result looks like, the process of coloring is what you need to focus on becoming mindful. One of the easiest ways to turn off your inner editor is to use only one color. That way, your focus becomes the process rather than the finished piece.
  4. Read your own consciousness. While notebooksyou’re coloring and not thinking about the future or the past, it’s likely your consciousness will have a chance to stream. Try not to deliberately steer it in one particular direction. Take note (if not literally, figuratively) of what your brain throws up. WHen you are being mindful, your creative thinking is freed from problem solving and can explore more creatively. Keep a notepad and paper to make sure you can catch any lightbulb moments at the end of your session.

Remember that mindfulness, just like any new skill takes practice and concentration. If you’re having trouble doing it, just color without focus for a while and then try again.

What are you using adult coloring in for?